Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Friday afternoon so hot and it did not look like a very promising TV night, so I went downstairs to get away from the heat and to see if I could find a good book.
The book I settled on was Answer As a Man by Taylor Caldwell (books downstairs are going to be at least 20 years old). It was a pretty good read. I did not like the end (but I usually don't). For the most part the book was really interesting. It could have been written about the world today rather that 1900. It was one of those book that makes you question your own beliefs. I did have to use my dictionary alot.
The book review I read said: "One of Caldwell's better novels, Answer As A Man touches on most of her recurring themes - the conspiracy behind governments to incite wars for profit and to install taxation to create a form of slavery. She also continues to stress than man can be evil and God cruel."

On a different note, our cactus did bloom this year, but not a good as last year. We have been ignoring it in the hopes that it would die on its own, but so far it is hanging on.


  1. The book sounds thought provoking.

  2. I would never pick a thought provoking book, unless my book club made me read it!