Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obsesive Compulsive or Determined?

I knew I wasn't feeling quite right tonight, but this is the fourth time I have tried to post, only to loose  everything. This time I plan on periodically 'saving.'

I have become rather obsessed with the idea of learning how to watercolor. Key words being 'idea of.' Turns out I am afraid.  I bought I lot of new supplies, made a color chart of all my new paints,

Got Paul to make a painting boards out of masonite. Guirys want $30 for the big broad so, I went to home depot and got two for $5.62.

Put spiral backings on a few books (thanks Judy). I paid $3.40 each a Office Depot.

I even drew a picture of what I would like to be my first project from two old pictures I had when Ron and I climb up to delicate arch in the early 90's.

But alas, I was still not ready to put brush to paper. I ended up signing up for classes from the gal that taught the workshop sponsored by the decorative painters (see half finished aspen trees on boards that Paul made). So, last week was my first class and we batik'd. This is my first experience with batik (unless you count the tie dying we did in Estes, and I don't remember using any wax in tie dying). The only issue I have with the class is it is in Littleton, and I really don't like leaving Aurora.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sticker Shock

I know, I am way over due. But I got nothin' except the fact I seem to be blog blocked. I did ask for a password reset, but I have not used, yet. After exploring blog forums I do not not believe the issue is password related. Seems a lot of folks have been experiencing the same issue starting about 24th of May. Seems there may be a corrupt 'cookie' out there. Windows 7 makes it hard to dump your 'cookies.'

Judy, did you post your comment with your Droid? Seems like folks are having better luck posting with Droid. Seems issue may be with google accounts or internet explorer.

After I take my watercolor class on Saturday I will blog about that experience. I did call one of the Mi High gals for a list of supplies. Seems like the class is a bit loose (bring whatever ya got). I did experience severe sticker shock at Michaels. I compared prices with the stuff I had at home, and prices have not really gone up, its just been a long time since I had to buy supplies.

I spent $100 at Michaels without buying a single tube of paint. I went to Guiry's Monday, but they were closed for the Holiday and I really did not want to go downtown again so I ordered from Amazon (another $200). Thank goodness I am well stock in watercolor paper, or that would have been other $70,

I was going to order from Dick Blick, but I needed the supplies in a hurry and Amazon was offering a special where you could try their 2 day delivery free for a month. I am paying $4.99 for shipping for one tube a $5 tube of paint that I really wanted (Antwerp blue). Amazon did not have in stock so it is coming from a 3rd party. I probably should have ordered from Dick Blick but to get free shipping you had to spend $175 and I didn't think I would going to be anywhere near that figure (heavy denial).

I have also been scouring Craigslist for used painting supplies. Meininger wants $249.00 for one of the paint brushes I would really like to have(Kolinsky red sable #8 round).However, I can get a cheaper version($41.97) on Amazon. Meininger also sells a cheaper brush, but then I would have to go downtown. I am not against driving, just driving downtown. The class I am taking is in Littleton. As you can see I need a watercoloring soul mate. Some one who can feel my pain and possibly going shopping with me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Blocked

I seem to be blog blocked. I can not post remarks on other accounts. As soon as I figure it out I will be remarking. Password reset was sent to my work email address. Not sure why.