Friday, August 26, 2011

Sheepish me

We have been learning how to batik all summer, but starting next week my class is suppose to start concentrating on 'drawing.' I am glad we spend a lot of time learning one technique, but I am ready to move on. I like my final project (Delicate Arch) but I don't believe batiking  is my forte. Maybe, drawing will be.

Actually because I don't like a lot of my finished project, I have been doing drawings with colored pencils. I figured if I didn't like the final project at least I would have so much invested.

I learned that while it may not be as expensive, it takes just as long to draw something out as it does to water color. And the only reason it may be cheaper is because the only colored pencils I had on hand were the cheap children's brand (Karat and Faber-Catstel). I have ordered a Prismacolor 72 set, but I probably won't get them until Tuesday. It's just as well I am taking a seminar this weekend anyway.

My teacher said she was going to start teaching us how to draw because when we use someone else's  drawing, we would be successful because the pattern, colors, etc had already been worked out and we need to learn how to original work. I just want to show that I can be original with someone else's drawing. So, I am posting two paintings I did from the same pattern. One is batiked the other is not batiked. Guess which one is batiked.

I made a drawing of the sheep, because I still want a water coloring of Devin and I though it might be cute with livestock in the foreground.