Saturday, January 14, 2012

On My Own

I have not had watercolor class since before the holidays. My teacher decided to clean her shop on the 4th, and last week it snowed on Wednesday. But I got an new book on Cyber Monday from Costco so I decided to work it.  I am still on the first project.

Here is how the project looked in the book.

This is how I changed it make it 'my own.'

It reminded my for poodles that had been dyed. So I painted dyed poodles.

Then I went back and tried painting the daisies, again.  I think they turned out better the second time.  What do you think?
Still, the daisies just don't look right. So, I have started (not finished, yet) painting the daisies sans fluorescent colors.
As you can see, books are a good way to learn a new skill, but they will never replace a good teacher.

Some Things Never Change

Every News Year's Day Dillards holds a sale. Evey thing that has previously been marked down is 50% of the lowest mark down,  It's a pretty good sale.  I try to attend every year.  This year I purchase quite a lot of stuff. You know, sheets, socks, cooking pots, knives, spatula, butter knife, blankets,  fancy pitcher, new purse, Columbia sports wear jacket.... I also got two new pairs of PJs (one for winter and one for summer).  Image my surprise when I got home and discovered I bought the exact same pattern I got last year, only in a different color!

Secret Indulgent

I love a nice warm bubble bath. It has been my secret indulgent for many years.
Over the years, I thought I had perfected it.  I have learned that I like a quite, dark room, over music.  Right now  I  am using Breck bubble bath that can be purchased at the dollar store with maybe a teaspoon of Kniepp bath product ( I originally had to ordered from Kniepp and but lately I have been able to purchase locally (Tuesday Morning).
Image My surprise when I discovered Crayola Color Bath dropz (thank you Joan) added so much more to the bathing extravaganza! I have already re-order another 45 tablets, because I like a well stocked bath cabinet.
I also have another 45 bottles of Breck Bubble Bath downstairs, because you never know when the dollar store will discontinue a product.  Nice to have a house.  I could never have done that in my condo.