Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bookie in the Making

Of course, I have managed to read a couple of books this week. The first was, "True Blood." by David Baldacci. I got it Costco, so I thought it couldn't be too bad. But frankly, I did not like it. There were to many lose ends, and it was a bit contrived. The second is "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. I say 'is' because I am only on page 133. But so far I like it, but NPR did not give it a very good review. It maybe not be the authors best, but then that is not a fair rating against her best, when it is still better than the less gifted.

Stairway to Heaven

I am posting a few of Paul's Project. The first picture is that of the finished stairwell. Finally, it is one step closer to being done.

The second is for the logs he has been stacking in the back yard. Arapahoe Nat'l Forest has cut down the trees and now anyone can go there and collect firewood. Paul still thinks using the fireplace is cheaper than natural gas.

Last year it smelled like we had been camping everytime he used the fireplace. I am not excited about having that smell again this Year. On the other hand, I do like the new stair case.

Hairy Situation

So, on Monday I got my hair cut. I have been playing with hair styles for the last few days, maybe that is why it took me two days to finish the closet. The first shot is of me, straight out of the shower, letting my hair dry naturally. The second picture of of the same hair, curled and with a tad bit of makeup. When I show up to work on Monday, it will be the first style.

Bolo ties and Birenstocks

There are always a little rewards to cleaning. This time it was finding my birenstocks and Bolo ties.

Birenstocks look better with feet, thats because they are fifteen years old, but new ones are so expensive so I am keeping the old ones. I may not be able to wear until next year, but at least I now know where they are.

I never wear my bolo ties, so I am bequeathing them to Brittany's friend, John. I put them on an old log so they will look more masculine. Hopefully, John will find a way to make them into something that reflects his style. Maybe I should paint a small cat one one them...Just a thought.

Good Behavior and Time off

I have been off all week and it has been wonderful. Paul did want to spend a couple days camping, but we never got it organized. So, I went and got my hair cut.

Bought a couple of cushions for the kitchen chairs. My plan is make sure than not of the new cushions are the same and the unmatching will make them a matched set.

I also picked up a curtian to put in Paul's man cave.

I spent two days cleaning out my closet. I told my supervisor I was going to organize my closet and she told me she organized her clothes by color, so I tried, but it's not that easy. Over 200 hangers were used in this small closet. I would probably make a good candidate for Hoarder's Anonymous.

You say Tomato, I say Tomahto

It looks we may be getting an Indian Summer this year, and that is a good thing because the first harvest on our good tomatoe plant (okay I say tomato too) will not be ready until next week, but I may have a few I can share with Judy on Sunday. We can eat them while we watch General Conference. I should have even more ripe tomatoes when Mom and Ed are here. The tomatoes on the bad plant are now looking normal, if the good weather holds until November I may get a a few tomatoes off of the weird plant. I counted and we have eleven about to turn red tomates on the good plant.

Little Honeycrip Apples

Last year our little apple trees produced zero apples. But this year we have apples, but they are really small, probably because we did not feel the need to prune. I am posting them next to a wall socket so you can see how small they are. I went to the grocery store to try and figure out what kind of apples they were. They look a lot like the Honeycrip apples, only smaller. They are pretty sweet! I am looking forward to Mom and Ed's opinion.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fluttering Aspens

Here are some picture of the high country. And a picture of the campsite.

Happy Camper

Paul decided that he needed a camper closer than the travel trailer, but he didn't want to go and get the travel trailer, because he wasn't sure the truck could carry it over the mountain passes. So, He got another pop-up.

Paul took to Sedalia last week and then he talked me into going camping over the weekend. We went to a natl forest about three miles north of Faser. Did you know that Fraser has a motel that is actually call 'Worst Western Motel?'

It was really bad, it was like camping on the wrond side of the moon, not because of the recent forest fires, but because of the beetle damage. I think the only one they left open was one that had not made quota over the summer. We were going stay two nights, but because it as so barren we left early Saturday morning.

Only the Shadow Knows

We had a fairly good sunset one day a couple days ago, and I took some picture, but this is a shot of me either being silly or kind of creative. You be the judge. It's a fine line.

Man Purse

We went to the flea market a couple of weeks ago because Paul wanted a wallet and he was unable to fine one that he liked. At the flea market he found three.

Then we needed twin sheets for the camper. I found a set at Good homes for seven dollars, so I thought I was getting a pretty good deal, until I went across the street and Kolhs has twin sheet for $3.40 plus Terrie had a coupon for 30% off. So, I probably got them for arond $2.50 each. Too bad I forgot she had the coupon because there was a wii game I had been eyeing...Anyway at that price I got two sets instead of one. And the final picture is of some black eyed Susans that are in front of my work building.

True Heart

My pallie,Debbie, got a new cat that she named True Heart.

Farmer Siska

I know it has been a while since my last post. I can't say that I have much to say, but I have been taking pictures. It is nice to have a camera that is small enough to put in my very small purse. So that when ever I have something that I might want to remember I can take a picture and worry about if I really want to remrmber later, and by remember I mean post. I will start with the tomatoes. As you might have heard we had problems growing them this year. I am not sure what we did wrong and I am not sure I want to try again next year.

But I know I will forgot the disappointment by spring unless I have a reminder. The first shot is what they looked like in the garden, the second is what they looked like when we turned them over.

The roma tomatoes look fine, except they are a tad small. I am not sure we will get many it is already the end of September and the romas are just turning red now.