Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bolo ties and Birenstocks

There are always a little rewards to cleaning. This time it was finding my birenstocks and Bolo ties.

Birenstocks look better with feet, thats because they are fifteen years old, but new ones are so expensive so I am keeping the old ones. I may not be able to wear until next year, but at least I now know where they are.

I never wear my bolo ties, so I am bequeathing them to Brittany's friend, John. I put them on an old log so they will look more masculine. Hopefully, John will find a way to make them into something that reflects his style. Maybe I should paint a small cat one one them...Just a thought.


  1. Did Dad make any of those bolo ties?

  2. I am not sure. I think Jon gave me one that Mom gave to him at Dad's funeral and it may be the one in the middle.