Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Really Big Shew

Yesterday was the annual art show for the Rocky Mtn Chapter of the SDP. I enter five pieces and three actually place. I feel so validated!

My aspen trees placed 1st in the landscape group.


The lilacs placed second in the floral/fruit group.

And the cow placed second in the animal/bird group.

 Here are the ones that did not place. In one respect, they are like children. You like 'em just as much as the ones that placed. However, it was nice to receive outside validation for the other pieces. Does that make me shallow?

In other news, I ran into my friend Sheila Hutchinson at work the other day. She will be working in my building for at least six months.  I haven't seen her in about ten years!  Ten years ago she lost her job, got another job and was working in Montreal. She looks really good. I had lunch with her today, but I forgot to take her picture.