Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic

Sheila and I took a color pencil class with Paula Leopald over the weekend. Repetitive motion is so relaxing. Here are my results. I think Sheila was pleased with her results too, because she has her's framed and hanging on the wall.

Coffee Musings

What is the proper way to make coffee you ask? Why, you add hot water and use it as a painting medium.  Here are a couple of paintings I made using freeze dry coffee as a medium last December.

Where the oprey and buffalo roam

I was talking the Sheila the other day and she made the remark that she could not see any improvement in her work since she started drawing  in November.  Now, you might think a couple of months is not enough time, but  it got me thinking , have I improved since I started back in June of '11?

I am trying techniques that I have never tried before, but because each technique is new, my first efforts "do not demonstrate a proficiency."   I decided that maybe I need to do the project more than once.  Here are the result of a couple of different projects. 

 eagle 1
 eagle 2
 eagle 3 and 4
 buffalo 1
Buffalo 2-  The bison will have be reposted after they are complete.

I have come to the conclusion it may take me longer than most to see improvement.  My second, third, and even fourth attempts seem to render the same result as my first efforts.