Thursday, April 25, 2013

You say decoupage, I say collage, my instructor says mosiac

I guess my instructor has had enough of 'collaging' 5 days a week, three times a day.  Last night she had us do a very quick watercolor painting.  I think it turned out pretty good, but I do miss working with torn pieces of paper.  I can hardly weight until the18th!  I bought painting boards last night and I will have the patterns drawn on the boards to give everyone a head start.  If you have any old magazines we could use please bring
them. Here is the painting we did last night
Cute huh?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shrinky Dinks

The Rocky Mountain Hi Chapter of the Society of  Decorative Painters Sponsored a workshop yesterday.  We made these cute little shrinky dink butterfly necklaces. Maybe if we have time on the 18th we can make a shrinky dink keychain.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday Greetings

I made birthday cards for Terrie, June and Paula and gave them to them over the weekend.  I think they are kinda cute, on the other hand, I am probably be giving folks 'gifts' they  don't really want.Can't decide if I am being brave or conceited.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Snifing Glue, but not Inhaling

Right now we are building collages out of torn pieces of paper in my watercolor class. I thought it would be a lot like decoupaging, and maybe it is, but it had been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Did you know there is a National Society of Collage Painters and the have a chapter in Colorado. If the decorative painters can have a society, why not have one of Collage painters?

Anyway, here is my 1st attempt. Note how muddy it is. I learned it is best not to use to many diferent patterns.

Here is my second. Much cleaner. It is not finished. I still have to finish the duck face and the duck reflection.

Here is my third. I took one of the eagles from last month (eagle #4) and just started layering torn paper.  I should have done more planning.

 Besides working with glue, I have also been working on these darn lions since July.

This is a painting done by Judy Patti, my watercolor teacher. I plan on using it and the pictures Judy sent me of the poor farm for inspiration for what will hopefully be my masterpiece rendering of the painting I have been planning to for Mom for the last couple of years.

Reading Update

I just finished reading The Judgement of Paris, by Ross King.  Learned so much about the impressionistic artist at the turn of the century.  While the book was short.  Twenty-five percent of it was footnotes. It covered a lot of ground. I will have to digest, and then go back and read again, but right now I need something light and fluffy. Perhaps a nice dog tale.

Snow Bunnies

While my painting endeavors do require a lot of attention, occasionally I will do something besides think about painting.

Here I am with my sister and niece doing lunch at Norstoms.

And here I am enjoying watching my dog making snow bunnies. People make angles, puppies make bunnies.

Plantronics CS540 with HLHL10

I am so excited about my new at work 'toy.'  It's a wireless headset with a phone receiver lifter. Its one of those things you don't realize you need it until you have it and then you don't kow how you lived without it.

You wear the headset then when the phone rings you push a button in front of your ear, that lifts up the receiver on you phone and press dough you are one the phone.  You can be up to 350 feet away from you phone, so mad dashing when the phone rings. 

I especially love it for the many web ex meetings I am now expected to attend. There is nothing more tiring than holding the phone to your ear with you neck for hours on end. Technology, who knew!

 As you can see you do have to contend with a few wires. I am going to try and hide behind art work, perhaps the six inch tile I stamped.