Thursday, December 30, 2010

Meaning of Christmas

I know I am getting old and cranky. Because I feel slightly offended when I heard folks saying the meaning of Christmas is spending quality time with friends and family. So, here I am spending quality time with friends on the 18th

Over the River and Through the Tunnel

We thought it would be nice to spend Thanksgiving in UT this year so we took the dog and went grandma's house. Dinner was at Nikki's house. I don't know what was wrong with my picture taking skills that day. I must have been subconsciously intimidated by Nikki. Anyway here are the 'best' pictures I took that day. As you can see a good time was had by all.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tree Shopping

I can't believe that it is only three weeks Christmas, where did the time go? So many things to do, so little time. We lost our internet access Friday moning. We tried everything we could to fix it and finally ended up calling Qwest. Qwest was able to do a remote diagnosis and said that our brand new modem was burnt out. They are coming tomorrow to fix it. Paul and I don't feel we use the internet that much, but we really did miss it this week end. We could not look up who was selling trees for the best price, we did not know how cold it was ou side, we could not get to the bank statement, I could not call kitchenaid on an ordered (Paul's Chrismas present) they messed up, I could aimlessly not check out the price of real estate around the country. Debbie showed up on our doorstep around noon on Saturday, she had been trying to call for two days and was unable to reach us, because the phone does not work without the internet. She wanted to know if I wanted to do lunch, which, of course, I did.

We have a a few cold days, but for the most part the weather has been beautiful. We move the big chair downstairs this morning so we would have room for a tree, then Paul and Brandy went tree shopping , while I went in to work, but the work I was planning to do was unavailable. I still have studying to do for Ecelys training. There is always something that I can work on at work.