Wednesday, March 23, 2011

City Roofs

Last week Paul decided we needed a shed in the back yard. I ask if it was for the lawn mower, rotatiller, our new collection of gardening supplies and for Paul's growing tool colection. No, no said he. It is for the old dishes, Christmas decorations, and Dad's old lapidary tools. He wanted to put ALL my books and painting supplies out there too, but I strongly objected! It has occurred to me that he is building it to get rid of my stuff.

He didn't want me too, but I called the city for a permit. Turns out you don't need one if it under 120 feet. It is better to know ahead than to be fined.
We are now at a standstill with our new 8 x 12 shed. Turns out in order to do the roof you need to know you triangles. I think this is the first time I have ever needed high school geometry!
Thank goodness, for the INTERNET. I found serveral sites that walked you through the process, but Paul refused to even look at them (something to do with an adversion to reading). So, I think I have talked him into a UTube veiwing. I want to set it up on the big TV so, I am not sure when we will have the time. Terrie has a birthday this weekend, and next weekend Paul is going to Portland. In the mean time, the shed wannabe is wraped in tarp.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Creative Edge

I went to my first meeting of the Mile Hi Society of Decorative Painters. It was not what I expected. There were not many members, perhaps 15 and it seemed like they had all been together for 40 years (no exaggeration). Most were quite friendly and welcomey. Still, it will be hard to 'fit in' with so much history between the existing member's. Now, that I think about it, the reason I did not join when I first moved to here was because I didn't think I would 'fit.' Turns out I don't 'fit.' It is so awkward. But I regress...
One lady told me that they use to have around 200 members. I think the Big Sky Dab and Gab use to have around 200 members.I wonder what is causing membership losses. Is it because of percieved 'not fitting in' or is Tole Painting not a popular as it was in the 70's? Even in the 70's it wasn't that popular, but it could be less popular now. I wonder how many member are still active in the Big Sky Dab and Gab.The driving force for the Dab and Gab retired years ago, maybe the same thing happened in Aurora. Last I heard there was a new 'sheriff' in Billings that was revitalizing the Billings Decorative Painting community. Whatever the cause I am going to have to work on my 'people skills' if I am going last in this club.
The Mile Hi Club had an 'stamping' activity this month.We made ribbons, a carrot that holds Easter candy, and a gift card. I did all three. I heard one gal teasing another a gal about all the stuff she had in her basement. She was saying something about all her jewerly making equipment. Maybe the lady with the full basement knows somewhere that teaches lapidary skills. What can I say? I am sensing a new BFF. Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words I am posting shots the projects I completed. They are kinda cute.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol

I watched parts of American Idol last night (there was nothing else on and I was too lazy to move). One of the singers sang a Garth Brooks tune and the judges remarked on how much like Mr. Brooks he sounded. So, I am going to give my opinion because it has been a while since my last blog. My opinion is that S. McCreery is a very good singer, but he is so darn young. He needs time to develop his own sound. I think AI would change the minimum to 18.
Begining artist copy the master, and when they become masters they are copied, and no one is a "master" at age 16.

Anyway, I found this recording on UTube. It is Merle Hagard singing a MartyRobbins tune. It helps if you know the style of both singers, but even if you don't hopefully you will get my point.
I think I should also include a Hag song just so you can see how great Merle Hagard is, so the second link is a Merle Hagard song. Merle Hagard actually wrote "My Mama's Hungry Eyes," but it is not autobiographical. For Marty Robbins think 'El Paso.'

As a final note I want to say that I don't think S. McCreery sounded like G. Brooks, I think he sounded like Josh Turner, but he needs to sound like Scott McCreery.