Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Creative Edge

I went to my first meeting of the Mile Hi Society of Decorative Painters. It was not what I expected. There were not many members, perhaps 15 and it seemed like they had all been together for 40 years (no exaggeration). Most were quite friendly and welcomey. Still, it will be hard to 'fit in' with so much history between the existing member's. Now, that I think about it, the reason I did not join when I first moved to here was because I didn't think I would 'fit.' Turns out I don't 'fit.' It is so awkward. But I regress...
One lady told me that they use to have around 200 members. I think the Big Sky Dab and Gab use to have around 200 members.I wonder what is causing membership losses. Is it because of percieved 'not fitting in' or is Tole Painting not a popular as it was in the 70's? Even in the 70's it wasn't that popular, but it could be less popular now. I wonder how many member are still active in the Big Sky Dab and Gab.The driving force for the Dab and Gab retired years ago, maybe the same thing happened in Aurora. Last I heard there was a new 'sheriff' in Billings that was revitalizing the Billings Decorative Painting community. Whatever the cause I am going to have to work on my 'people skills' if I am going last in this club.
The Mile Hi Club had an 'stamping' activity this month.We made ribbons, a carrot that holds Easter candy, and a gift card. I did all three. I heard one gal teasing another a gal about all the stuff she had in her basement. She was saying something about all her jewerly making equipment. Maybe the lady with the full basement knows somewhere that teaches lapidary skills. What can I say? I am sensing a new BFF. Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words I am posting shots the projects I completed. They are kinda cute.


  1. Making friends is totally worth it. I used to think it wasn't, but I have changed my mind. I know with my writing group -- they had all been together for 16 years. It used to be like getting a root canal each week as they tore up my writing. But now I totally love it. I have learned so much and I can truly say I love those ornery critics and appreciate everything they take the time to teach me. And beyond that we've eaten thanksgiving dinner together, gone to the temple together...they even attend my kids' school functions! Quality of life improves greatly with friends. -- My one friend tells me that it is so hard for me to say the word "friend" that it is my own personal "f-bomb". But I'm getting better :)

  2. I have friends that I have Pal-ed around with since 1992 and when Judy moved to MD I was certainly glad to have them. Only time will tell if joining this organized group will be worth it.

  3. I agree with Joan. Stick with it. Anyone that likes painting and talking can't be all bad. It is so hard, though, to fit into a new old group. But, they need you. It's like having a new convert in the ward at church. They are wonderful and bring a real breath of fresh air. That can be you!