Monday, April 23, 2012

Abstract Thoughts

This painting suppose to be a representation of southwestern pictographs. I think it looks rather abstract, but I like it.  Maybe I should switch my focus to abstract art.
 This painting reminds me of the Indian caves we frequented when we were young.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Domino Effect

Last night the Rocky Mtn Hi Charpter of the SDP met. We changed dominos into really cute magnets.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The power of the lilac

Paul decided with the price of gas hovering around four dollars a gallon we could no longer afford the RV, so he sold it a couple weeks ago. I don't think a posted a picture of it when he bought it last fall so I am posting now.
We may not have cherry blossoms but the lilacs look real good this year.
You really can't tell in the picture but the apple trees look pretty good too.
I am not sure the raspberries are going to make it. This is all I have to show for three years, but I am still nursing them. I think we don't get enough moisture for raspberries.
The weather today is so perfect. Here are a couple of geese that are just taking it easy.  Can't help but think what a great painting they would make.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bye bye Acrylics

Next week we are back into watercolors in class. I have finished all of my acrylic paintings and I am posting in order of what we did in class.
The fist project was a couple of pears. They remind my of the folk art pieces I did back in the 70's.
The second was a impressionistic image of lilacs. The original looks a lot better than the photograph. Some paintings photograph well, others not so much.
Then we painted a field of Poppies. I hope you think this is bit better than the last time you saw it. As you can see I lighten it up. Mom told me she though it needed to be lighter.
Then we all painted cows. My teacher told me mind look more like a dog. I have to agree. I think it looks like MY dog. I sense Brandy's personality in the painting.
The last thing we painted was suppose to be a Southwest scene. The colors in my painting are not muted enough to be southwest, or even Colorado. Do you think it looks a bit like Fairview canyon, or Mt Nebo?  I liked my colors better than the picture I was copying that was SW,  but then again I liked the poppies when the field was darker... It needs a frame it will look better with a frame. Still there are a couple of places that need to be improved in this piece. The beauty of acrylics is you can keep painting until you get it right.