Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting ready for Vegas

Paul did not quite give up his hobby, so I am back.  I have painted a bit after my last posting and I wanted to get those pictures posted before my trip to Vegas. I also found a useful application to all my art work.

What we have here is the start of a zinnia painting.  I will try to post after I finish. I am kind afraid to finish, there are so many ways I can mess it up.

Next we have a bunch of grapes.  I did not like the shading on some of them so I used some white gesso to ease and I plan on going back and trying again. I like the colors, who would have thought green purple would turn out so well.
The last couple of paintings are trees on Masa paper. I thought the first painting was to light. So, I did it over.
It is amazing how different they are.

My Kindle Fire has been disconnecting me for my wifi a lot lately. So, I decided to upgrade to a tablet.  I ended up buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last week. This week the tablet is already $30 cheaper than what I paid (Drats).

 Anyway, I was looking for case for my new toy and I found I web site that would let you upload any picture and use it for a tablet case, turns out it was only for the back.  The resolution is only 3MP, but still it is not a bad picture. I love the idea of having useful application for my paintings.
It is good that I order another case, and the one case actually fits into the other case.  I am okay with it only being for the back because I can use the one case for hard core use, and the smaller case for browsing.
It turns out is was not my Kindle's fault. Seems I need to upgrade my router because right now I don't have a router, because for some reason Paul dis connected the router and now he does not know where it is. This weekend Sheila and I have plans to visit the Micro Center.