Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy to go, Happy to be Home

Debbie came over every couple of days while we were gone and water the lawn and the veggie garden. The grass is still have a hard time surviving, in fact I got a case of "grass envy" while I was on the Gone.
The Pacific NW is so green and the grass is so soft. All I could think about the day I got back was the green plush grass I will probably nevery have. On the other hand the garden did great without me.

I the first shot is of the raspberries, that did not grow that much, but they use to be a pale green and new they are a much richer green. The second picture is the tomatoe plant, which went amok while we were gone and the last shot is the basil, as if I can eat that much basil!.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sandy Delta

This year we finally found a Dog Park that is close to where we like to camp on the gorge. I had search the web before we left and found the Sandy Delta, I just didn't realize how close it was to us and it was on our way in to Walmart and we go to Walmaort almost every single day when we go camping (we have decide we are really city folk who think we like the county). Last year we even went to the dog shelter and asked if there was a dog park near by, they had no resources for dog parks, but they were kind enough to try to find one on the internet, the one they found was not close to the camping spot and it was realy just an open lot with no fences.

Anyway the web side description is much better than anything I can add and it says,

The Sandy River Delta is by far the largest of Portland's off-leash areas, and a treasure for dog owners that love to run, hike, or just wander aimlessly with their pooch. The "Delta" comprises 1400 acres of wilderness trails, nestled between I-84, the Sandy River, and the Columbia River. The majority of the miles of trails within the park are officially designated as off-leash. The main exception to the off-leash rule is the Confluence Trail, which runs from the parking area to the bird viewing area on the Columbia. On this trail, your dogs must be leashed. Many of the trails lead to either the Sandy River or the Columbia River, so it's a great place to take your pooch to swim on summer days. The hike from the parking area to the rivers can be several miles, so be sure to bring along water just in case. The park is immense, will a plethora of wide open fields for stellar games of fetch. Bring your binoculars and camera, as the park is great for shutter bugs and birders. The park has recently been given a major overhaul, and now includes substantial parking, toilets, dog bag stations, and several garbage cans near the parking area. There is no running water in the park, so bring your own.

It nice to have a dog you can take places and get a little exercise. At the begining of our trip we spent a night in a camp spot outside of Missoula and then another three days in one of our favorite State parks in Oregon called Ainsworth State park which is discribe as: Nestled in the awe-inspiring Columbia River Gorge, Ainsworth is equal parts waterfall wonderland, hiker's playground and camper's delight. I may or may not post pictures when Paul brings his camera back to Aurora.


walkin in Clover

The lot besides the RV spot in Corbett was owned by the fire Dept and I was told I could have my dog off leash. It was nice to have a spot that ws so dog friendly. My new camera make even the shasta daisies beautiful. I spent a lot of time reading in Corbett, but don't ask me what, most of it was insipid trash I left the books with Paul when he brings them home I will do book reports. I did have one called "The Girl who played with Fire" that looked pretty interesting, that I never got around to reading. We ate lunch almost every day at Burgerville, because it was good food and because Brandy could set with us on the padio. My favorite was the Basil Burger, which consists of great northern beans, mushrooms, brown rice, onions, oats, sundried tomatoes, molasses, special herbs and, Yukon Gold potatoes, topped with basil mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes and leaf lettuce on a nine-grain bun. Paul like the double burger best.

On a different note I thought we could get a nice Burrito at Beanarino's turns out they do not sell burritos.

Tent City

We didn't take the RV to the coast, instead we slept in a tent that was suppose to be big enough for eigth. We thought it would be just right for two and a medium size dog, Brandy thought it was just about the right size for one medium size dog.

The camp site had shrubs on three sides so you really got the feeling that you had your own space it was nice.

Even though Paul forgot to bring a jacket and pretty cold, he seems to have been able to entertain himself just fine.


Canine Gone Amok

Had a hard time keeping Brandy close, because the beach was just so much darn fun. She did make a couple of new friends. I went to the Cheese Factory and had dish of Ice Cream. I guess lack of self control runs in the family.

Cape Look Out

Spent Tuesday and Wednesdays on a beach call Cape Look Out, which is 11 miles south of Tilmook on 101, with 173 of our new BFF (173 campsites).


Here is a shot of my spokesanimal, Dale, the dahl sheep (mountain goat).

Back from the Coast

Back from the Coast where a good time ws had by all, but it certainly is good to be home. I cannot believe how big the tomatoe plant got while we were away! Don't have any veggie shots, yet. And I don't have any shots of the beginning part of the trip because I left that Camera with Paul. I got a new Camera on Monday and I just love it. I love having a timer I understand, and I love being able to take self shots, Even though it shows that I have been porkin' out! Here is a self shot of me at the Portland Airport.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can not believe it has been two weeks since I last wrote. I can not say much now, but I wanted to explain that I was temporary with an internet provider, and as soon as I get one I will be re-posting. Other than the fact I have no ISP, I don't have much to write about, hopefully something will happen before now and then so I will have something to write about.