Thursday, July 29, 2010

walkin in Clover

The lot besides the RV spot in Corbett was owned by the fire Dept and I was told I could have my dog off leash. It was nice to have a spot that ws so dog friendly. My new camera make even the shasta daisies beautiful. I spent a lot of time reading in Corbett, but don't ask me what, most of it was insipid trash I left the books with Paul when he brings them home I will do book reports. I did have one called "The Girl who played with Fire" that looked pretty interesting, that I never got around to reading. We ate lunch almost every day at Burgerville, because it was good food and because Brandy could set with us on the padio. My favorite was the Basil Burger, which consists of great northern beans, mushrooms, brown rice, onions, oats, sundried tomatoes, molasses, special herbs and, Yukon Gold potatoes, topped with basil mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes and leaf lettuce on a nine-grain bun. Paul like the double burger best.

On a different note I thought we could get a nice Burrito at Beanarino's turns out they do not sell burritos.