Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last Hurrah

I told Paul if he gave his 'hobby' I would give up mine. He gave up his on Oct 15th. So, it appears I will not be crafting for a while. These are the project I completed before I decided to take him seriously.
The 1st is color pencil workshop held Oct 19th.  I wanted to learn how to make crystal look like crystal.

The second picture are samples of what the Rocky Mtn Hi chapter did at our in our Oct meeting (Oct 21th). Only one of these masks is mine. See if you can guess which one. There were about 20 mask done, but not everyone was willing to share. These are not the best or the worst. These are the ones I was able to photograph.
The last picture is the Shrinky Dink I did with the group on (Oct 22). We crafted a bunch of (abt 50)Shrinky Dink sheets into tree ornament with a wilderness theme. Elissa donated a tree, I donated red bulbs and Maryiln is working on adding glittered pine cones that Sheila donated. We plan on giving it to the folks at Gander Mountain on the 18th of November. I hope to get a picture of everyone else's ornament at that time. Some of them are so clever.

I still can't get the Shrinky Dink to work properly. This one was all curled up and touching it's self in several places, I threw it away. Linda pulled it out of the trash and 'fixed' it. Shrinky Dink is the most frustrating material EVER.

I did not go cold turkey the minute Paul denounced his hobby. The third week of October appears to be my last hurrah.It is probably just as well, I don't see a lot of improvement and it was pretty expensive. Still, it was fun while it lasted.  Drats! Now what am I going to blog about?