Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Year in Review

I have painted a few thing this last year, but I have not posted. I am going to post today, so I can track my progress. This is not the best, or the worst. It is what I have not yet put in storage, which means there are a lot of unfinished items.

This first painting is unfinished. It will be columbines, Because water color is done in stages I wanted to show how difficult it is to see a finished product, before the painting is finished.  See my point?

I did this picture twice, and have not completed either.  You can see how different they are going to look when they are finished.

The giraffe, iris and truck are all colored pencil classed I took with the decorative painters.  Paula Leopald was our teacher.
This is a watercoloring class I took with the decorative painters. Charles Danford was our teacher.

This is a class I took at Judy Patti's studio.  She was showing us how to paint in the style of Charles Reid.

 This is one of the classes i took in Vegas. Terry Harrison was our teacher.

Not my favorite, but Judy was showing how to paint with acrylic medium on mat board.  Maybe someday I will find a use for this technique.

If I ever send out Christmas cards, this is what they will look like.

Judy's Bag/shirt.  I think it looks good at this stage.  Let's hope Judy like the finished product.

Wet on wet technique.  It looks unfinished to me.  Maybe I could use this technique for the Christmas cards I never send.

Southwest vases.  The first picture is finished, but it not in storage yet, because I have to get the colors on the second painting to match that of the first.  Watercolor is done in stages, this is what the first painting looked like before I added additional layers.

Unfinished puppy. I do love the animals!