Monday, April 16, 2012

The power of the lilac

Paul decided with the price of gas hovering around four dollars a gallon we could no longer afford the RV, so he sold it a couple weeks ago. I don't think a posted a picture of it when he bought it last fall so I am posting now.
We may not have cherry blossoms but the lilacs look real good this year.
You really can't tell in the picture but the apple trees look pretty good too.
I am not sure the raspberries are going to make it. This is all I have to show for three years, but I am still nursing them. I think we don't get enough moisture for raspberries.
The weather today is so perfect. Here are a couple of geese that are just taking it easy.  Can't help but think what a great painting they would make.


  1. Wow, your lilacs are so beautiful I can practically smell them! The apple trees also look great. Too bad you lost your RV! I never got to see it! I hear it was cold yesterday in Denver. Ed is the Springs today. I guess he'll be enjoying your lovely weather. We hit 85 degrees today! It is hot!

  2. Wow! I am so jealous of the Lilacs. They were my favorite plant in Montana. Down here, I hardly ever seen them :(