Saturday, January 14, 2012

Secret Indulgent

I love a nice warm bubble bath. It has been my secret indulgent for many years.
Over the years, I thought I had perfected it.  I have learned that I like a quite, dark room, over music.  Right now  I  am using Breck bubble bath that can be purchased at the dollar store with maybe a teaspoon of Kniepp bath product ( I originally had to ordered from Kniepp and but lately I have been able to purchase locally (Tuesday Morning).
Image My surprise when I discovered Crayola Color Bath dropz (thank you Joan) added so much more to the bathing extravaganza! I have already re-order another 45 tablets, because I like a well stocked bath cabinet.
I also have another 45 bottles of Breck Bubble Bath downstairs, because you never know when the dollar store will discontinue a product.  Nice to have a house.  I could never have done that in my condo.

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of bubble bath! I got 6 bottles for Christmas last year from Ed, all from Bath and Body Works. I love a good bubble bath, but that is about a 6 years supply for me. Maybe I should step up my game!