Monday, June 7, 2010


Well summer is finally here. We waited and waited, and now it is here and I am so miserable! I spent most of yesterday sleeping (my way of coping with the heat). We ran the air conditioner all day and that did make us feel a little cooler, but it caused my bones to ache. I laided down to take a short nap around five and slept until morning. I do feel pretty perky this morning.

On Saturday (while I was suppose to be walking in the Heartwalk) I found an entertainment center on Craigslist. We have been looking for one for over a year so we are pretty happy we found on that we both like.

I finish "I Loved, I Lost, I made Spaghetti." In the book she reveiws a book that one of her boyfriend wrote and she says, "I have read better, but then again I have read worse." I think that what should have said about her own story.

I finish another book that was much better over the weekend. I could not remember the name, but with the help of the internet I found it. It was called "East of the Mountain, by David Guterson. It was about a man who has cancer and decides to kill himself rather than suffer.


  1. Wasn't today a nice reprieve from the heat? I loved the clouds that moved in. Is it cool in your basement? I saw the Spaghetti book at Costco and thought of you. I just finished reading the train book you gave me. Interesting story, very amateur writing. I know have about 5 books to read that were given to me at Christmas or on my birthday. I better get busy!!
    I like your entertainment center:) (Much better than walking in the heat.)

  2. I read hat book for book club several years ago. It was surprisingly good considering the subject matter.

  3. I agree with Barbara, I liked the story, but it could have used a good editor.