Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home on the Range

Last Saturday Paul and I went to the hardware store and picked out tile for the downstairs bathroom. Because it was the a basement bathroom we got the cheapest tile we could find ($.57 a tile). We don't want to over improve for the area. Paul spent all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday installing tile and hanging a new door in the bathroom. We got the toliet back in yesterday and we were planning on putting the washer in dryer back today, but I still have to paint the grout with the stuff that makes it water resistant (can't remember what it is called) This is my contribution because Paul doesn't have the patience to paint lines and I don't mind.

We have not tackled the shower, yet. We are thinking of taking out the small closet and adding a bathtub. We can only go out 30" and that is an very small shower, but if we take out the closet we think we can get 60" which is big enough for a tub.

While we were at the Depot we also got 18" tile to put right outside the front door. We were going to have the cement repaired, but tiling over the cement will fix the problem and we like tile. I would have picked a darker color, but Paul like the tile we got and he is the installer.

We had to put the bathroom and the front stoop on hold because we have been having an issue with the Lexus. At first Paul thought it was the head casket, but now he thinks it is the water pumb. Anyway, he is spending the day (and probably tomorrow)working on the Lexus. Good to be married.

We got a pretty good rain over the weekend, but then the rest of the week has been in the 90's. I am posting a picture of the new and improved grass, before the heat destorys the improvement. We are suppose to have high winds today...


  1. Glad to see that the grass is coming along. Thanks for coming to hear Abby today. We appreciated the family support:)

  2. You've got more rain than we have! I'm jealous. Are you winning the war with the grass?

  3. P.S. What! You're skimping on the tile in my bathroom?