Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Over the weekend Debbie L. and I went shopping and I got a rosemary tree and two basil plants for the back yard. Debbie and I both got new wigs. I got one that only cover the top of the head and is suppose to blend with the rest of the hair. It is only meant to cover the gray roots on the top of the head. I kind of have buyers remorse because I think it will be too hot and Paul is total pissed off that I bought it without consulting him first (opps). I had to special order it because of the color and it is suppose to be in by Thursday.

We took Brandy to the dog park one day and spent another day exploring the neighborhood (sans Brandy). Paul and I both got at least one hour exercise everyday since Friday. I didn't even have to fire up the Wii.

Saturday I went to Ace Hardware and spent over $100 on the front yard. Sunday I put on some kind of granules that is suppose to break down to soil, then I watered it really good. On Monday I water it again, pull some weeds, then I took a small hand rake and tried to break down the dead grass thatching. I spent most of yesterday trying to improve the front yard and today, my arms are really hurting.

I think today after work I will be de-thatching, again. Then I will apply feed and weed wait a day or two, then apply one of the two patch grass kits I got at Ace. The internet was not really very helpful with pointing what went wrong with our grass, but the small amount of research I did do mention that if we had a an insect issue we would have birds feeding on them. We had no birds on the lawn trying to eat our bugs. So, I don't think it was a insect problem. I still don't know what caused the grass to die and that is pretty unsettling. How do you fix a problem when you are not sure of the cause?

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  1. I'm impressed with all the research you are doing. I'm sure that you will come up with a solution. Hasn't the weather been great for walking outside? I sat in a boring in-service all day today:(