Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunsets and Doggie Paddles

The state is so dry and hot right now, and there will be no rain any time soon according to the weather reports. So,I am feeling a bit wasteful because it took so many gallons of water to fill the pool. Instructions say the pool uses 500 gallons when it is full. It is not quite full but the pool does use a lot of water!
Anyway, here is a picture of Paul and Brandy taking a quick dip. I am also posting a shot of tonight's sunset. Some evenings the sky seems to be on fire.


  1. Unbelievable sunset picture! I envy your deck! I also envy your pool. It looks like Paul and Brandy are having a great time. It's hot here, too. We're heading into a drought if things don't turn around. I guess the dryness just followed us from Colorado. It feels humid, but it never rains!

  2. Great sunset picture! Kent is out of town, and I am back in town. So, I have turned on the air conditioner. It helps the day pass better while I am inside. That pool looks inviting!