Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Times in Cow Town

It seems like ages since we got any rain, but my blog says we got rain on the 12th. It seems like such along time ago. I think it has been in the nineties everyday since it rain. It is only June and it feels like August.

We had a coupon for Sam's club so we though we would try to get one of those shirts with the magnets on the pockets, alas, the only color available was a bright yellow. Even Paul has enough fashion sense not to wear yellow, sweat pants, yes, yellow no.

We ended up getting a Sam's membership. I guess we will giving up our Costco membership in October. It is a sad thing. We got a tent that is big enough for eight and you are suppose to put up in 3 minutes. The plan was that we would go camping this weekend. But Paul decided at the last minute he did not want to go an hear Abby talk, so I told him I wouldn't go camping with him this weekend. I kind of want to go camping, and punishing someone for bad behavior rarely achieves anything.

I am planning a small get together for the 4th. Paul wanted to go camping because Brandy had such a hard time with the fire crackers last year. I think if we have company she will be to busy to care. I wanted to invite dogs too, but Paul does not want other dogs. We are still dicussing.

We exchanged the tile we got at the Depot for tile as Sam's Club. The stuff we got at Home Depot had gray tints in it. The new stuff has specks of red in it. It's a better match for the area and is was a bit cheaper ($.46),

Over the weekend we also got a 12 foot diameter above ground swimming pool that needs to be assembled (Wal-Mart). Seems like we are buying Paul a lot of 'toys.' this year. We have twice the stuff we had a year ago. We will never be able to move again because we have too much stuff..unless we sell it to the understuffed.

Paul has worked really hard this year on the house so I guess he is entitled to a few toys. Paul could not figure out exactly what was wrong with the Lexus last week. At the last minute he decide to take it to Midas and have a diagnosic test done before he made any repairs. Good thing he did because their machine showed that we needed a new radiator cap. Midas did not charge for the test, only five dollars for the new cap. When did mechanics get honest?


  1. I'm reading your blog from my new cell phone. I'm just like Barbara now. I got an LG Ally. It's an Android but notnot a Droid. I can't wait to see your new pool!

  2. I get pretty chatty, once I start.

  3. Getting away from the mechanic's with only a $5.00 bill, sounds like a story from the 1950's. That mechanic is a "keeper."

  4. It was a chain store (Midas) that only charged $5! That never happens.