Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moth to a Flame

Have I mention yet, that I had to give up the treadmill for about a week because my varicose veins were getting so bad and the ones under my knee calf were starting to hurt, weirdly enough they felt like bug bits, but internet inquiries showed that that is one of the symptons of bulging varicose veins. I could have told you that by just looking at them.

I am trying to do more upper arm excerising (called de-thatching the front lawn with a rake). I did go back to treadmill, today, hence the title of this posting. I did go much slower (3.5 miles per hour) so that is the compromise.

I am planning on walking my first 5K walk this weekend for the Heartwalk, so far I have no sponsors (except I will probably make a small donation). I hope they are okay with that. This will be my fund raiser.


  1. I will sponsor you, my little moth! Tell me how I sign up.

  2. Thanks, Judy, but I am going camping. Sarah is going with her daughter and I would just be a 5th wheel.

  3. Sorry the 5K feel through. I will do another with you as soon as Abby goes into the MTC. (In two weeks now, yikes!!) I hope you enjoyed the camping trip. It is getting too hot to stay in town.