Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suddenly Frigid

I feel like such a wimp complaining about the weather, but the drop in temperature was so drastic. Sunday it was 60° and right now it is -10° F. It also snowed a tad and now someone (me) has to get out and shovel the sidewalk in subzero temperatures after they put in a full days work (yuk). Why married when you have to do you own shoveling?
Several of the school districts have closed because they don’t want the kids walking to school or waiting for the bus. I remember waiting for the bus when I was young. We would wear a leggings and pants underneath our dresses along with scarves and mittens. Now days kids don’t wear dresses, so I guess they loose a layer of protection. Maybe they would probably be holding school if the temperature change had not been so dramatic.
I had such a headache yesterday due to the sudden change in the barometric pressure. Seems like the older I get the worse those headaches get. Today, my head is much better, but now my bones ache from the cold.
I hope my car starts this afternoon when I try to go home. I had Paul park the car backwards in the garage last night because I have such a hard time getting up the hill when I have to change from reverse. That did the trick and I had not problem getting up the hill this morning.


  1. Brrr! That's some pretty cold weather you're having! That's the exciting part of living in Colorado--drastic temperature change! I miss it!

  2. Boo, hoo. My sad news is that all the school districts are closing tomorrow (Wednesday) except mine. I better get my Montana blood ready to meet the cold:)

  3. I can't believe you work for the only school district that was up and running. If the kids get a day off, does that mean they have to go an extra day at the end of the year? I would rather go at the end of the year than when it is below zero.

  4. Amazing! I see you did a new heading picture with your own picture in a frame. Ambition truly knows no bounds!