Sunday, February 6, 2011

All the News I Need Comes from the Weather Report

I have Baltimore, Salem and Poprad weather conditions widgets on my google home page, So what do they all have in common, today? The nice weather, that what! While Denver stagnates in the twenties, not to mention the seven and an a half inches of additional snow we got yesterday, these other cities are enjoy 40 degree temperatures, or higher. Sorry, I don't have Durham or St George widgets, yet.

It has been so cold that neither Paul or I want to go anywhere. The Lexus battery needs to be replace so I don't want to drive it anymore than necessary. Paul had it tested and it is produced 450 AMP rather than 650. Of course, we couldn't buy a battery where it was tested because that would have been to easy.

It is good dog weather and Brandy has been pestering us for a chance to get out and run around. Paul finally took her to the dog park today while I stayed home and shoveled out the drive way. I also did the neighbor with the snow blower because he has shoveled us out so many times this winter. It was that light fluffy stuff and it was almost thirty degrees outside, so it wasn't so bad. Afterwords, I took a long warm bath to soothe my aching back. I also filed our taxes today, while Paul is tackled dinner and the laundry. Even though the weather is misreable we are managing to be productive.

I have been reading about dogs lately. One of the books I read said the Golden Retriever were the best dog for the first time dog owner, because they were the lease 'pushie.' While I love my dog, she is pushie. If she wants something you know about it and she does not let up until she gets her way. Thats why Paul finally took her to the park. Another book says that when you look down on your dog you are suppose to see and hourglass figure. Looks like the whole family will be dieting next month. While the rest of the world started dieting in January, we will be starting in March. It takes time to come up with a plan. Except no more biscuts for Brandy.


  1. St George gets cold too. Had to wear sweaters last week. We could even see our breath. But then it warmed up and now I have to get the radiator fixed in the truck. :(

  2. Car are such a hassle, to bad I can't take a bus to work. I can but I would have to take one bus to a terminal and then take another to work. It would take over an hour to go five miles. We are wearing sweater in the house, it is so cold here.

  3. I love the title of this post. I often only watch the news just to get the weather! When the weather is boring I'm totally uninformed about world events! It sounds so cold in Denver! I'm missing out on all the fun!

  4. It's from a Simon and Garfunkel tune

  5. Yeah, even Norway is warmer than us!! Who needs to go to the gym when we have all the snow to shovel.