Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Joy of Being

I have been home sick with a running nose and scratchy throat for the last two days. Under the title of way to much information, I also have the quick step. When I called in this morning I promised I would be back tomorrow. What was I thinking? I was feeling way better this morning, but I should know not to make such promises. I can't watch TV because it makes my eyes water and I can only sleep so much. Okay I can sleep a lot, but I still had a bit of time where I couldn't sleep and I didn't have the power to do much, but I wanted to do something useful. So, I tried to read. Surprisingly, I could read if I did it small spurts. I picked the "The Joy of Running" written in 1976 by Thaddeus Kostrubala. Medicine is one of the fields that has changed alot since 1976. Still the core principle seems to be a univeral truth. However, the book seemed to be overly edited. But then again, the reason I picked that book was because it was a slim volumn.

I then went to web to see what ever became of Dr. Kostrubala. The last entry I could find was from 2007. It was a entry by the good doctor himself. Seems he has written an family history that is quite good (not overly edited) and posted it on the web.


  1. Hope you start feeling better. Judea has been sick for a week.

  2. You are funny, funny, funny to read. Yes, even when you are sick you make me laugh out loud. Get better soon:)

  3. Hilarious! Quick step..that's a funny euphemism. Sorry to laugh at your pain. The title belied the misery you were experiencing.I hope you feel better soon!