Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peaches and Cream

I took a colored pencil class Saturday, using someone else's pattern, I was so thrill with the new techniques I learned that I went home and tried a couple of semi-original pieces.
Actually, I took projects we had already done in my watercolor class (the one where we are now working in acrylics) and adapted the colored pencil techniques.

The peaches is the project we did in class. The open field of poppies and the pears are the projects I adapted.

I used paper I had on had rather than paper made for color pencils. The paper with the pears is a stonehenge multi use paper, the paper with the poppies is a fawn colored pastel paper. I think is was a bit to porous for colored pencils.


  1. I, like Joan, am thrilled with the peaches! Can I use your picture to go with my Song Putting up Peaches?

  2. Paul was just telling me this morning that I couldn't even give my paintings away. Turns out he was wrong! Of course you can use it!