Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poppy Fields

I had painting class last night. Last Wednesday we were given a choice between a vase of lilacs or a field of poppies. I chose the lilacs, but most of the class wanted to paint poppies.  That week I work on lilacs while the rest of the class worked on poppies. What I am trying to point out is the fact that while the teacher was demonstrating the techniques for poppies I was fervently creating lilacs.
This week the teacher demonstrated the next step for the poppies first. So, after I patiently waited I paid attention to the next step of creating poppies. Then I asked for my next step, and there was another gal that wanted to see the lilacs too, but she had not started, so my teacher asked me to work on the poppies while she catch Patty up to where I was.
Well, we never did get around to working on lilacs.  I only got my first step done toward creating poppies (laying in the dark colors). When my teacher came by she said that she liked it the way it was and I didn't have to lay in poppies if I didn't want too. She was probably thinking what I was thinking that I have a tendency to overwork pieces and I need to just stop once I have a pretty good painting.  I am posting a picture of my painting (the dark one with no poppies) and a picture of my reference painting (the one Judy painted in show us the technique).
I have a bunch of these little canvas panels (5x7) so I can always paint another picture with the poppies. Maybe, I will do a series.


  1. Good thing you didn't add the poppies cause then you'd have to add a yellow brick road and then an emerald city and then a little just goes on and on.

  2. Maybe I'll add the dog in the series.

  3. Very nice. I guess you never got back to the lilacs...

  4. Not yet, there is always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.