Saturday, February 4, 2012

Painting Projects

I do have a few painting projects to post. I decided to do the lessons in the Daniel Smith work book as outlined.  I started at the beginning, with the daisies.
Next, I watched the instruction on daffodils, and the lessons on orchids. After I painted the daffodil, some thing snapped and I could not do the orchids, It sounded way to boring.
So, I painted a small gargoyle.
 I had another tree seminar on the 28th.  I really don't like  the way that these trees  turned out.  So, soon as I got home I tried the exercise over, and over and over and over again. But I was not able to improve.  I am going to give it a rest for a week or two.
Finally, I am posting picture of the project we are working on in class. I like it so far, but there are so many mistakes I could still make that would ruin the painting...


  1. I like the blue trees. The color looks so real, yet when you think about it, trees aren't blue at all!