Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding My Inter Pear

My watercolor teacher got bored.  So, she wants us to work in acrylics for a while. Historically speaking acrylics have been my least favorite medium. Note there is a cry in acrylics. But now I kinda feel inspired to do better. We use heavy body acrylics. I had never used them better and them before and I was way out of my element.

We had to free hand a couple of pears and then paint'em.  They are not finished. I still have to add the highlights. In acrylics you go from dark to light.

I was way out of touch with my inter pear.  So, I really studied pears, and then I tried to sketch the little guys.

My second inspiration was to see what the would like in watercolors.

And my third inspiration for this week came from the art attack blog.  The drawing of the artist's young son inspired me to post a pencil drawing.  I was unhappy with the rocks in my last posting so I wanted to do something with rocks.

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  1. I like the water color pear best, but perhaps they others will grow on me when they're done, as well. The little bunny (or squirrel) is so cute I want to pet it! It seems like there is an inner pencil sketcher in you waiting to come out!