Sunday, October 3, 2010

Podigal Sister

Judy stopped by on her way back to Maryland.

We havested the tomatoes,

and baked cookies rather than butchering the fatted calf. But alas, it was not enough, she is leaving in the morning.

We also took the puppy to the dog park so that she would behave. Alas, the puppy was so excited to see her Aunt without this picture you would never guess how exhausted she was right before Auntie's arrival.

And here she is ten minutes later, charming her way into Judy's heart.

We watch conference, Okay I mostly listened. We talked.

We took pictures way into the night

and then we went our seperate ways, so that we could get our blogging done.
We may be a tad bit obessive/compulsive. Weirdly, Conference was all about addictive behaviors.

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  1. It was fun reading your description of the same event. Both versions were true!