Sunday, October 24, 2010

Change is in the Air

Well, the changing weather has brought both good and bad changes. The view from the backyard is at it's best. No need for Paul and I to go to the mountains when the view of the leaves changing colors is more diversified from our own backyard.

The Craft Fairs are upon us now, so my former bar buddies and I have changed our evil ways and now get together to prowl overprices bazaars. Here is Debbie lurking about for something special at the Gateway High School Craft Fair. Can't say what she got, it's a secret.

Here is a picture of Paula, June and Terrie waiting for Debbie to finish shopping. In the background you can see a picture of Bonnie. Bonnie is one of the new trainers, it was a surpise to see her at the craft show. This Craft Show was in the Air Museum of the Rockies, so we got to see the museum stuff as part of the admission fee ($5.00). The museum is pretty cool.

Can't say I got a lot of gifts, but I did but stuff I normally wouldn't. Here is a picture of what I picked up. Home made sausages and garlic sauce for Paul, the honey collected by local bees is for me.

I am not sure this is good change or a bad change, but the city left us a note on the door letting us know even in my redneck slash blue collar neighborhood we are not allowed to park a small pop-up camper on the side yard. So, we posted this morning and within two hours it was gone. I suppose it is a good thing for me and a bad thing for Paul. Paul is depressed because he sold it for $150.00 less than he paid for it. Never the less, I am happy it is gone.

Paul did not like the fire pit we got last year and wanted to put in on line, but my friend, Sarah wanted it so we are taking it to her house this afternoon. Good change for Paul, not so good for me. Then we will take Brandy to the puppie park, good change for her, not so good (boring) for Paul and me. And, if we have time we plan on moving the Rosemary Plant indoors when we get home. Good change for the Rosemary plant, if Brandy leaves it alone.


  1. Great post and very thought provoking. The change of the seasons is upon us.

  2. Bye, bye pop-up! That was quick! Your leaves are beautiful. You have such a great view from your deck. I like the Museum of the Rockies. We've been there several times for dinners. It's nice they had tables to sit on at the craft fair!