Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogger's Bloc

I have a bit to say, but I wanted to post photograghs of Mom and Ed's recent visit so I had been putting it off until I was in a postion to put the picture on the blog. But it looks like those pictures will have to be posted later, it has already been a week since they returned to UT, and I left my camera cord at home. Because my new camera is small I can always carry it and if the is a shot that even looks half way interesting I can take a picture.
Anyway, we had a nice visit with Mom and Ed and because we were the last place they stay before returning home we got to see the pictures they took in the last two weeks. We put them on the big TV so we could all watch at the same time. It was a lot of fun. I felt I got to travel, but did not have to suffer any of the inconviniences involved with travel. No hunting hotel rooms or gas stations, no traffice jams, no gastric issues from questionable sources, no bug bites, no sore feet, it was a wonderful trip. I feel so rested.

KP has started calling member's to make sure that we get in a see an MD at least once a year, and because the PV visit is free employees were offered $25 to be up to date with all of our visits, I went. The nurse did state she hope I wasn't doing this just for the $25. I, of course thought but did not say, "well then you shouldn't have called." Anyway, they gave me a Shingle vaccine and a flu shot while I was there. I had been told that since I had already had Shingles I could not get the vaccine. Turns out that is not true. The good news is the Shingles vaccine(zoster) is good for life, the bad news is my arm looks like someone stuck a base ball under it.

Weather here has been beautiful. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. We have been getting so really great sunsets. Paul says he is going back to Salidalia this weekend for more firewood. This winters is suppose to slightly warmer than normal, but natural gas is suppose to increase. I think he just likes to camp.
Looks like you can edit and add pictures after you have posted. Looks like I mis-spelled "shingles." Oopsy.


  1. Nice to see your update. It showed up on my home page just like magic! I blogged so much last week that I'm taking a small break. My life was too exciting! I'm glad you had fun looking at Mom and Ed's pictures. We also watched them when they got here. But that was B.B. (before Bushes).

  2. Ouch, you arm looks sore! I hope that heals up soon. Nice pictures of Mom and Ed!

  3. I'm not interested in getting a shingles vaccine anytime soon. Your arm picture is a real deterrent!