Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last night I spent at least an hour journaling in my mind. I was too actually write it down and today I am sorry, beause I havn't the slightest idea what I air wrote about. But I am sure it was important.

I think we got enough sleep last night because today certainly was productive. I finished our taxes and got them e-filed. I called someone to come and pick up our broken dryer. I had waited a week to call because I felt that if Paul just took a look at it, he could fix it, but this morning he made it very clear he had no intention of looking at itt. Well, as soon as I called. Paul would not call because he said it sounded better coming from me, because people were always suspiocious when he called. SO I called, Paul went downstairs looked at the dryer and now it works. When the guy calls about picking it up that is another issue. Hopefully he will call when I am not home. We also told him we had a furnace, so hopefully he will be happy with just the furnace, and who knows maybe he won't call back. He is suppose to call before he comes. Paul and run it about three hours the day it died and it probably overheated and turned its self off and just needed to be reset. It is a good thing Paul looked at it because it appears that the dryer hose needed to be replace. I am posting a picture of the hose to reinforce my belief that 'picture worth a 1,000 words.'. Then I configure my gmail account with Outlook. I know, It's about time. Then I tried to connect the Wii to the internet. I did not finish that project. But I am okay with that. For someone struggles with technology it is enough for one day.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day back to you! I think I got the same flowers you did for Valentine's Day. I like the picture of Brandy with her duck and the dryer duct. I agree that it needs to be replaced:)