Monday, February 8, 2010

I feel bad about starting a blog and then not writing. I feel like I have to post pictures (worth a 1,000 words). I guess I can post a picture of the new purse I got Saturday. Is it not cute?

I called in sick on Friday and pretty much spent the whole weekend mopping. I did get to the store on Saturday and got a new purse (Dillards), three new pairs of work out pants. I wanted shorts with a pocket so I can put the EA sports band on my leg because it always falls when I have it next to workout pants. So I got a pair of shorts, long pants and capris, wanted to make sure all my workout basis were covered. I also got a battery charger for the Wii (psyclone px522). I have not even used one set of batteries, but I am ready for the day that I do.

I did file my taxes yesterday. With the free software I used you could not print until you e-filed, so I e-filed then printed, then read the small print. I made a pretty serious error. I was not sure what to do, I had already e-filed. Do yu call the IRS? Do you re-file. Do you wait until you get the refund and then send back the money? There error I made was in my favor. Well, I got an email back from the company I filed with, Tax$imple, stating that my figures differed from the IRS figures and this is what I need to do and then I needed to re-file. So I did. But it begs the question if the IRS knows my situation why do I have to file?
I have a new love. Greek yogurt. You have to try it. Problem is I want to keep eating and eating and eating. Who knew yogurt could be this good.

I spent a good portion of the on the Wii yesterday. I mostly did Wii Sports. I am getting really good at bowling and boxing. I can make the head come of my opponent come off. I should not be proud of it, but it is kinda fun to see the head fly. I made myself another Mii. This one is named Rensie and she has gray hair and is kind of fat. She is also taller than most. Mii. I have to get a life.


  1. Love the purse! I am also impressed that you can box until your opponent's head flies off. Sounds more fun than I am having:)

  2. Do you have the Wii? I am finding it is such a tension reliever.

  3. I like your purse, too. The boxing sounded brutal! It remind me of the book we just listened to in the car!