Monday, July 18, 2011

Snugging Bugs

Paul keeps harping on me to save money and in the mean time he seems to be a major shipping spree! He has gotten us four new carpets. He says the carpets make the house feel more like a home. So, we have 'em everywhere. Here is the one we put in the office. Now we can feel snug a bug in every room.

then he got us a used fire pit. Now we don't have to go to the woods to go camping.

and finally he got a new (2000) Honda Civic.
He seems to think we need the stuff he gets (you need vacation, why else live?). While the stuff I buy is not so necessary.

On the other hand, I did get kind of carry away with the art supplies. The creative process is not cheap. Artist starve because they have to feed their addiction, art supplies.
 Anyway as promised I am posting some of the stuff I have been working.
My first project, The Aspens. I got a frame at Goodwill ($2.50) last weekend, but I still haven't located a mat. I might have to take it to my class and ask them to make me one. Anyone know a resource for cheap mats?
Devin castle. I hate this picture, but I am posting because I want see if I get better.This is the first piece I did where I did everything myself. I designed, and executed with no outside influence. Of course, I wish I would have asked for help. One the other hand it is true reflection of my skill level.

The painted desert. I was experimenting with colors so when I get the nerve to paint delicate arch.

Notice the Honda has a CO license.

We went to the DMV together today, Paul telling me to let him do the talking and if it is over $300 we are going to register in Oregon, Thank goodness the license were $250.

I was thinking I didn't do much this weekend, but I did pull about six bushels of weeds. First, the rain and then the heat, all the barometric change made me extremely sleepy.
In the mean time, Paul worked on cars and re-stacked our wood chip pile. The winds were so strong last week that we had wood chips everywhere.

We also drove all the way to Greeley to buy the Honda, it was a pain, yet beautiful drive.


  1. I loved the new term "shipping spree!" We've been there several times. Everyday something new shows up at your house. Thank heavens we are not there now! Thanks for posting the artwork. I love the aspens so much. It is interesting seeing you an artist plays with colors. I'm glad you got another car. It looks nice.

    I also weeded on Saturday--but just one bucketful. You made me feel like a real slouch!

  2. Thanks for posting pictures of your paintings. They are beautiful! You a Judy make me tired just looking at all the work you do :)

  3. Opps, I meant shopping, not shipping. Speaking of shipping how did the art work you ordered on line turn out?

    Paul really does need a smaller car. The pickup uses a lot of gas, so he would usually wait until I got home to run his errands. I am glad he has finally found one he plans on keeping.

    He is now looking for a Van (he would like a Honda Odyssey but will probably settle for a Dodge Caravan. He also want another RV.

    This morning he told me my craft room was a mess and I needed to clean it up. I can't tell you how many time I have asked him to find me a bookcase.I will probably use the new bookcase for my trashy novels and put in the spare bedroom, otherwise known as the Bush room. And then load the bookcase in the craft room with my new stuff.

    Somehow he can't seem to understand I have stuff on the floor because that room need more storage. I have been thinking about throwing some stuff out so I would have room for my new-on the floor stuff.