Sunday, July 31, 2011

25 Years with KP

On Monday I went downtown to celebrate 25 with KP. Paul was under the weather so I went alone.  I and made arrangements to met up with one of  the gals I work with.  I would like to say it ws nice see  folks I had not seen in the last five years, but every year there are fewer and fewer of us.  I knew the gal in my department I met up with (her husband was able to come) and the gal I sat with at my 20th union dinner (her husband was not able to come so she brought a co-worker).  For those of you who remember Bill, Veronica (the lady who brought the co-worker) is married to Bill's brother, Dean.  I did recognize a few other faces, and the ballroom was lovely, the program entertaining and the food ok.


  1. Congratulations! That is a tremendous accomplishment.

  2. I hope there are becoming fewer and fewer due to retirement! That could be something to look forward to!