Thursday, March 11, 2010

Had a nice visit with Judy on Monday. Brandy gets so excited when she is around anyone in the Bush family it is embarressing. When we little Dad would ask us (kindly) to turn the light off, reminding us were weren't raised by wild animals. So, when Brandy acts so out of control I want to say something along the lines that she wasn't raised by wild animals.

Enjoyed Amanda's Senior Recital on Tuesday. Amanda's voice has gotten so strong!

The basement in coming along beautifully, next time some needs a place to stay, it will be ready (Amanda? Brittany? Mom? Judy?) I know that probably no one else notices the difference between before the panelling was taken down and the walls were insulated and dry walled, but we know the difference and we are happy with the change, even though it probably does not add value to the house. The bathroom had a tad of mold, so it is good that we replaced, dry wall and two by fours in the bathroom.

Paul is talking about going to Oregon after this project is done. He is talking about selling the RV. If he is able to sell I will be happy, but I am not holding my breath. Stuff is easy to buy, not so easy to sell. I will be working on getting stuff back into the bedroom and craft room while he is gone. I hope he gets the toilet and washer and dryer back in the bathroom before he goes. Which means he will have to level the bathroom floor and tile before he goes, which means it will be a while.


  1. I am going to have to come see the basement when it is all done. It sounds wonderful. How great for you to have such a comfortable home! I like your knew background on this blog too.

  2. I enjoyed my stay at your house. I didn't eat the shredded wheat for breakfast, as Paul made breakfast for me twice! I was sitting in the kitchen with him at 4 a.m., looking longingly at his Jarlsburg cheese sandwich. He offered it to me right off his plate! It was just like having breakfast in Germany again. At 9 a.m. he offered me another sourdough sandwich, this time with cheese and smoked turkey! It was too tempting to pass up on. Thanks, Paul (and Verlene) for making me feel right at home!