Saturday, May 11, 2013

Makin' it work

Before the shinky dink workshop, I took a class from Annie Martinez, who is a be a pretty well known artist in the Denver area. I was not pleased with the results, but now I have a work around.  Here are a couple of post card I bought from the artist, so you have an idea of what mind were suppose to look like.

 Here is what mind ended up look like.
The paintings you do in a workshop usually do not turn out, but this is ridiculous! Anyway, turns out an owl is not a good choice for collage work, but this looks like it may turn out to be a pretty good collage


  1. I love your card. If I had done it I would be bragging rather than apologizing!

  2. So would I, but I didn't do the card. I bought the card from the artist teaching the class. My 'piece' is the mess that is suppose to be tulips.


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