Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Could of, Should of, Would of

I got to kinda of carried away with my alternation of dominoes.  I really like them even before I put a rubber stamp on them.

I have been able to give them away so far, but that is a bad thing because it means I can do more.  So far I have probably done close to a hundred.  Its the age old question of which came  first, the compulsion or the obsession

I decided to try a six inch tile. And because at  the last meeting of the Rocky Mtn Hi chapter of the Society of Decorative painters was demonstration on rosemaling I decide to use a Telemark style stamp.  What do ya think?

Some of the rosemalers brought  project of things they had painted in the past to the June meeting. I am in awe.

I agreed to be in charge of finding programs for next year for the monthly meetings for the chapter.  If you have any ideas let me know.  

I have to find something the rest of the society might might interested in learning more about and then calling a complete stranger and asking for a (free) demonstration.  Marilyn made a suggestion concerning pryographs.  Know of any wood burners in the metro area that are open to free demos?

Here is a picture of Paul and his hobby (camping).

In Judy's class we should have finished the elephant,and  a moose.  I also decided to try a llama on my own (using one of Judy's pattern) The picture of the elephant is my own and still unfinished.  I should wait until I am finished to post but who knows when that might be.

I am posting pictures Judy painted of the moose and the llama rather than my own, because my might have beens do not measure up to the way things are (moose looks real bad and llama has not even been attempted).


  1. Pyrograph of horse was done byLeonardo da Vinci. Sorry for the over sight.

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