Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going Postal

Friday afternoon (4;30) I received a package that I had been anxiously been awaiting. Unfortunately the box was empty with a tag from the postoffice showing that they delivered it unsealed and without contents. The postman said there was nothing I could do because it was not insured. Isn't that the same as if you got your oil changed and the mechanic forgets to screw the oil pan back and you drive away and ruin the engine and the then to mechanic tells you, "sorry it wasn't insured?"

I called the company located in Wichita ,and left a voice mail and then I sent an email. I had ordered 45 back issues from the Society of Decorative painters. I also, went online to verify the postman's statement that there was nothing I could not do because it was uninsured.

I found that all undelivered items go to either Altanta or St. Paul and are sold at auction. So, not only is the post office not responsible, but they can make a profit? I also found I could request a Mail Recover Center Search Inquiry. I went to may local post office for the form and was told they did not have it and I needed to call customer service. I told them I already had, and could'nt get past the electronic voice box because there was no catagory for MCR. They said I need to say 'Loose Mail." I went home and tried again, and that got me to a customer service rep that took my information and said some one would call me back within two working days. I am not hopeful, because I guess only one fourth of people who file ever get their stuff back and I am asking for fragile magazines from an oraganization that is not overly compassionate.

Any suggestions or even empathy would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Wow...That is pretty bad. Do you think the box was cut -- or do you think it just couldn't handle the weight?

  2. Maybe, How much do you think 45 magazines weigh?

  3. I think it was poorly prepared for shipping. The company you ordered from should replace them. If they're good people they'll send you new copies!

  4. Wow, what a tale of woo. I agree with Judy that the company should send you new copies. It was poorly packaged. I don't think that dark elves at the post office are waiting in secret to steal Society of Decorative Painter magazines!

  5. The Society of Decorative Painters email me this morning. They are reshipping. I had to call and ask that it be sent to Debbie's. Good thing I am taking care of her cats because now she owes me.