Thursday, August 12, 2010

Picnicking alongside Lolo Creek

I have been thinking I should post a couple of pictures of our trip before we got to Portland. They were on the camera I left with Paul so I had to wait until he got home to post.

The first two pictures are of us camping in Lolo National forest which is about 30 miles west of Missoula. Paul told me he though it was the prettiest were had ever been. I didn't say so, but I had a hard time seeing the forest through the lodge poles.

I suppose if you view the lodge poles from a certain angle they are attractive and that is what my next picture is. Then there is a picture of us picnicking along the road side.

The next day we traveled through Idaho and Western Washington. Western Washington looked like the back side of the moon, unfortunately I did not take any pictures, but it would have been hard to capture the desolation of the landscape.

I did take a picture of the wind turbines in eastern Oregon and it kinda shows the desolation, it the same kind of landscape only with windmills.

Then I have a picture of Mt. Hood, this picture was taken about 25 miles from Mt. Hood (in the Dalles).

To my way of thinking Western Oregon is a lot prettier than the Missoula area, but I am not sure I could stand all the rain and rain is the price you pay for green.
Anyway, I have a picture of what it looked like from our campsite in Ainsworth state park.

We have been staying at Ainsworth since we started vacationing in Oregon. Because it is ususally our first stop, we kinda feel the first night at Ainsworth is when the vacation really starts.

The next picture was taken on the road to Portland. Ainsworth is a good 20 miles the Gresham, but we went into town everyday and the trip never got old. This is also the route to Brandy's dog park in the metro Portland area.

The last pictures are of a fish hatchery that we like to stop and visit simply because the gardens are so pretty. The first one is of Paul and Brandy and then one of me and Brandy.

Paul has a hard time not shaking when he takes a picture so I kinda look fuzzy. As you can see I need to get back on the dieting wagon. Now that I have a new camera I don't have to depend on Paul to take my picture.

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  1. Pretty pictures! The pictures of Missoula made me homesick. I need a lodgepole pine! I love the hydrangeas. I have 4 of them in my garden. They're small now, but I think they're going to get big, just like the ones in your photo!