Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are still looking for an entertainment center for the living room. Paul found one he liked, but I did not like it because it scream 1980. He was pretty mad because I did not like it and he kind of ordered me to find one (then you find one). So, I went looking for one, I did not find one, but we do need a rug downstairs between the new sofa and the fireplace insert, and I saw a rug I thought Paul would like. It was not really my taste, but it was for Paul's man cave. Paul went and looked at it, liked it and bought it and new he has kind forgiven me for not liking the entertainment center he claims he like. I think he was just tried of looking. Anyway, Paul decided it was too nice for downstairs, so he put it in the living room, which I am okay with(it is only a rug). Brandy really likes it too, I think she thinks we got it for her and now finally she has a dog bed.


  1. Brandy looks pretty regal on the fancy rug. Very nice:)

  2. A dog does really add some elegance to a beautiful rug!