Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To Close for Comfort.

The local news seems to be reporting an awfull lot of motor vehicle accidents lately. When I took Brandy to the park on Saturday I saw two ambulances. I imagine them hurrying to a MVA. In fact, I almost ran into one because my view was obstructed and there was no siren.

Just this morning there was a RTD accident just around the corner. I am not sure this will be reported on the regular new (since no one died), butI am kinda getting afraid to go anywhere. I looked it up because the police had the corner blocked off this morning. Here is the report.

AURORA - A woman was taken to the hospital Wednesday morning after reportedly running into the intersection of Buckley Road and Mexico Avenue and into the path of an RTD bus. Investigators believe the bus had a green light while driving southbound on Buckley Road around 6:10 a.m. Wednesday, when witnesses say the pedestrian ran into the street. Aurora Police says the woman, whose identity has not been released, was conscious when they were taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. Officers say the crash is under investigation, but it appears the woman was trying to catch another bus and ran out; not realizing another bus was coming. The bus driver will not be cited. Aurora Police also responded to another auto/pedestrian accident down the road at Airport Boulevard and 2nd Avenue. A 13-year-old boy was apparently crossing the street in a crosswalk, when a car turning left hit him. The driver was cited with failure to yield to a pedestrian. The boy was treated for bumps and bruises.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Creative Edge

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone for their vote. I ordered 'Lapidary Journel' today. You know that this means I will probably be giving jewelry for Christmas.
You all got me in the mood to Create so I also order The Decorative Painter (not available at Amazon) and join my regional chapter of Society of Decorative Painters, Rocky Mtn Hi. I like the name of the one in Bilings better. It was called 'Big Sky Dab and Gab.'
I did notice when I was looking for the SDP website that there are many UTube tole painting demonstrations. Maybe, I can find a few lapidary equipment demonstration online. I can't seem to find a class in town. Only folks that want to make or repair jewelry. Don't they know there is more money in teaching classes than selling jewelry.?

Thanks again for your support.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lapidary Quandary

Every year it’s the same. I feel sad/angry that the holidays (Christmas) have been reduced to nothing but an opportunity to increase my worldly goods. I would like to be strong and not be swayed by the commercialization of Christmas, but I know that I am only hurting myself and for what? A principle? I don’t think so.

So this year I kind of went over board with the ‘gifts’ I got myself. One of the many things I picked up was a few magazine subscriptions. It has been at least twenty years since I actually had magazines come to the house. Now when I come home for work the first thing I do is check the mail box to see if I have small gift waiting for me.

I ordered Sunset, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Day, Budget Traveler and National Geographic. I order them through Amazon. The first of February Amazon sent me a notice that if I order another $20 worth of magazines they give me a coupon for $10. I am sorely tempted. I was thinking that maybe I would order Consumer’s Report, Fitness or maybe PaintWorks. As I was browsing I though I should use this opportunity to get something I would never order. What about something so I could learn how to use Dad’s rock tools.

I need your help. Should I order Lapidary Journal or Rock&Mineral? Lapidary Journal ($29.95) is about the jewelry, Rock& Mineral ($24.00) is about the rocks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Joy of Being

I have been home sick with a running nose and scratchy throat for the last two days. Under the title of way to much information, I also have the quick step. When I called in this morning I promised I would be back tomorrow. What was I thinking? I was feeling way better this morning, but I should know not to make such promises. I can't watch TV because it makes my eyes water and I can only sleep so much. Okay I can sleep a lot, but I still had a bit of time where I couldn't sleep and I didn't have the power to do much, but I wanted to do something useful. So, I tried to read. Surprisingly, I could read if I did it small spurts. I picked the "The Joy of Running" written in 1976 by Thaddeus Kostrubala. Medicine is one of the fields that has changed alot since 1976. Still the core principle seems to be a univeral truth. However, the book seemed to be overly edited. But then again, the reason I picked that book was because it was a slim volumn.

I then went to web to see what ever became of Dr. Kostrubala. The last entry I could find was from 2007. It was a entry by the good doctor himself. Seems he has written an family history that is quite good (not overly edited) and posted it on the web.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

All the News I Need Comes from the Weather Report

I have Baltimore, Salem and Poprad weather conditions widgets on my google home page, So what do they all have in common, today? The nice weather, that what! While Denver stagnates in the twenties, not to mention the seven and an a half inches of additional snow we got yesterday, these other cities are enjoy 40 degree temperatures, or higher. Sorry, I don't have Durham or St George widgets, yet.

It has been so cold that neither Paul or I want to go anywhere. The Lexus battery needs to be replace so I don't want to drive it anymore than necessary. Paul had it tested and it is produced 450 AMP rather than 650. Of course, we couldn't buy a battery where it was tested because that would have been to easy.

It is good dog weather and Brandy has been pestering us for a chance to get out and run around. Paul finally took her to the dog park today while I stayed home and shoveled out the drive way. I also did the neighbor with the snow blower because he has shoveled us out so many times this winter. It was that light fluffy stuff and it was almost thirty degrees outside, so it wasn't so bad. Afterwords, I took a long warm bath to soothe my aching back. I also filed our taxes today, while Paul is tackled dinner and the laundry. Even though the weather is misreable we are managing to be productive.

I have been reading about dogs lately. One of the books I read said the Golden Retriever were the best dog for the first time dog owner, because they were the lease 'pushie.' While I love my dog, she is pushie. If she wants something you know about it and she does not let up until she gets her way. Thats why Paul finally took her to the park. Another book says that when you look down on your dog you are suppose to see and hourglass figure. Looks like the whole family will be dieting next month. While the rest of the world started dieting in January, we will be starting in March. It takes time to come up with a plan. Except no more biscuts for Brandy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Suddenly Frigid

I feel like such a wimp complaining about the weather, but the drop in temperature was so drastic. Sunday it was 60° and right now it is -10° F. It also snowed a tad and now someone (me) has to get out and shovel the sidewalk in subzero temperatures after they put in a full days work (yuk). Why married when you have to do you own shoveling?
Several of the school districts have closed because they don’t want the kids walking to school or waiting for the bus. I remember waiting for the bus when I was young. We would wear a leggings and pants underneath our dresses along with scarves and mittens. Now days kids don’t wear dresses, so I guess they loose a layer of protection. Maybe they would probably be holding school if the temperature change had not been so dramatic.
I had such a headache yesterday due to the sudden change in the barometric pressure. Seems like the older I get the worse those headaches get. Today, my head is much better, but now my bones ache from the cold.
I hope my car starts this afternoon when I try to go home. I had Paul park the car backwards in the garage last night because I have such a hard time getting up the hill when I have to change from reverse. That did the trick and I had not problem getting up the hill this morning.